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What is a Certificate of Correction?

A Certificate of Correction is a DOB-specific form for correcting all classes of DOB-ECB violations. The technical term for this is the AEU-2 form.

Certificates of Correction (Click here to view) must be filed with the DOB to prove compliance and close out all DOB-ECB violations. It’s a common misconception that proof or documentation given at the hearing will suffice – it will not. Certificates must be submitted directly to the DOB outside of the hearing in order to show compliance.

Per the DOB, submit all by mail to:

Please note: that FDNY Certificates of Correction are separate from AEU2 forms – not only are they different, copy-wise, they must be forwarded to their respective agencies in order to close open violations. Read more about FDNY Certificates of Correction here.

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