About Us

NY Violations acts as an advocate for those in need of assistance with housing. We assist to resolve, and to expedite the disposition of housing and building related charges/violations. NY Violations aids clients throughout their dispute and represents them in court. The violations for which NY Violations acts as an advocate include but are not limited to DOB (a notice that a property is not in compliance with some provision of applicable law and includes an order from the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings to correct the violating condition), DOT, ECB (Environmental Control Board–which are broken down to three classes: Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous), Class 2 (Major) and Class 3 (Lesser)), Fire permits, HPD etc. If you believe you have been charged or will be charged with violating a housing or building code, by one of the agencies above or otherwise, you should contact us about possibly representing you. Should you have any questions or concerns in regards to your case or violation please info@nyviolations.com and someone will get back to you with in 24 hours.

Types of violations we handle


We serve all of the 5 bououghs.